Kinder Mundo - 20-12-13 SCHOOL WILL BE OPENING AT 11:00AM-AM
Hola! I am Miss Naza. I was born in Argentina, and grew up in Lima Peru. I began my educational career in 2006 in pre-school where I was head of the Spanish Program.
After 2 years of this experience, I founded Kinder Mundo in 2009.
It has been exceptionally rewarding for me to meet families that are interested in having their children learn Spanish. I also love working with native-speaking families who want their children to retain a fundamental part of their culture by speaking the language of their ancestors.
I love to work with young children, as it is a fun and rewarding journey.  At Kinder Mundo, in addition to the benefit of another language, I can teach children manners, respect, and the value of friendship. My greatest pleasure lies in showing them how to fill their little hearts with love!

Hola, I am maestra Sandra. ( nursery and toddlers)
I am really happy to have the opportunity to work at Kinder Mundo.
I truly enjoy working with children, and teaching them my native language.
I am from  Mexico, and it is there where I used to teach and direct a preschool.  For me working with children is not a even a job, is a rewarding and wonderful experience. Kids are always curious and eager to learn, I feed their curiosity through language, music, playing, crafts, and story time. I also bring a lot of hugs and smiles to make them feel
nurture and love!

I am Teresa Sandoval ( Pre-K )
I've been working with preschool kids for 6 for six years and I really enjoy learning more for them every day. My teaching technique is a mix of play base and structure that works really well for children. I let them explore base on their interest and I adjust the curriculum base on their unique needs. I also make sure kids find a nurturing environment where they feel loved! I am from Mexico and I'm really happy to teach my native language.