before and after care - Menu - Sammamish, WA
Kinder Mundo - 20-12-13 SCHOOL WILL BE OPENING AT 11:00AM-AM
Kinder Mundo provides all meals throughout the school day.
Breakfast at 7am
Snacks at 10am, 2:45 and 4:15pm
All of the fruits and vegetables at Kinder Mundo are served fresh and most are certified organic.
We offer a variety of fresh fruits including bananas, grapes, apples, pears, and oranges.
For beverages we provide 100% Fruit Juice and  Organic milk
We provide wheat bread only with no high fructose corn syrup.
We also exclude enriched pasta from our menu in favor of more nutritional alternatives.
We serve crackers or cold cereal and juice/milk for snacks.
We always carefully consider menu options to ensure the foods we provide to your children are not only healthy and nutritious, but enjoyable as well.
Vegetarian meals are available.
Menu A
Monday: Ham sandwich, veggies, fruit, and milk/juice.
Tuesday: Organic lentils with carrots and celery, wheat bread, fruit, and milk/juice.
Wednesday: Baked quinoa balls, veggies, fruit, and milk/juice.
Thursday: Organic pasta with squash sauce, fruit, and milk/juice.
Friday: Organic mixed green and tuna salad, greek yogurt, veggies, fruit, and milk/juice. 
Menu B
Monday:  Scrambled eggs, veggies, organic bread, fruit, and milk/juice.
Tuesday: Chickpeas, organic bread, veggies, fruit, and milk/juice.
Wednesday: Organic quinoa soup with carrots and corn, fruit, and milk/juice.
Thursday: Pizza, veggies, fruit, and milk/juice.
Friday: Grilled chicken, organic bread, veggies, fruit, and milk/juice.  
*Menu will repeat every other week
*Menu can change without notice

Breakfast items:
Greek yogurt and fruits
Apple sauce and milk
Scramble eggs
Organic Oatmeal
Quinoa and veggie sauce