Kinder Mundo - 20-12-13 SCHOOL WILL BE OPENING AT 11:00AM-AM
We are very proud to have our school for almost 11 years, and we like to share with you what our families have to say about us.

Our family LOVES Kinder Mundo and all our wonderful friends (staff) there. They treat my kiddos like their own. We wouldn't go anywhere else.
Alecia T.

-We are so happy with Kinder Mundo and the staff there.  We couldn't be happier!  All of the teachers care for our two kids like they were their own.  Our kids come home happy every day, and some days they don't even want to leave.  That says it all about how wonderful the teachers are.  Some noteworthy things about Kinder Mundo are the separate, quiet nap room for the little kids, the wonderful play area outside, the thoughtful art projects the kids make and bring home, and they serve mostly all organic food!  The owner, Nazarena, goes above and beyond to help accommodate our schedule when it changes, and she wants to work with parents to do what's best for each child as an individual.  She listens to our food requests, specific doctor's orders, and helps our family in every way she can.  We love her and all the teachers at Kinder Mundo and we are so happy we found them!  Thank you! ~CL 

-"Kinder Mundo is a second home to my daughter. We are so grateful for the teachers' dedication, commitment and love for the children. Kinder Mundo does an excellent job of nurturing children."

-Our almost 4 year old B/G twins have been going to Kindermundo for almost a year now and it's been a wonderful experience so far. They adore miss Naza and the other two teachers, Miss Mariella and Miss Sandra, and have learned so much already, like writing their own names (and a lot of the other letters) and counting to 20 in Spanish. Kindermundo is like family and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a warm, caring and supportive environment for their child.  
Marloes Koning

-Kinder Mundo is the most amazing daycare ever! I have been taking my first girl here since she was about 1 month and now my second goes also. They love going to Kinder Mundo and feel like it is a second home. Everyone that works there knows my kids so well and always make them feel welcomed, loved and special. They have always accommodated my schedule even if it is forever changing. I could not say enough great things about Kinder Mundo, I feel so lucky that we found a place so amazing to send out kids!

Wendy Caamano
-My family has been so lucky to find Kinder Mundo. Raising global kids is very important to me and my husband; however neither of us was raised in multi-lingual families. We lucked out when my daughter turned 18 months and Kinder Mundo has just opened. In the blink of an eye, she has now spent almost four years there.
Both of our children have learned so much from Nazarena and Mariella. It’s exciting to hear my 5 year old daughter’s pronunciation of Spanish words and my almost 2 year old say “Mas” or “Por Favor” and sign in English for the same concept. Beyond learning a second language, my 5 year old is more than ready for Kindergarten in all academic and social aspects.
Kinder Mundo has worked out very well for us. They have been incredibly accommodating and supportive of us. We feel they have the perfect mix of academics and social/play time for our kids. Above all of that, my kids feel loved and at home there, and the Kinder Mundo family feels like part of our family.
Sarah and Tim Kimsey
-Kinder Mundo is great!! The teachers are caring, trustworthy, and flexible. My daughter loves it! 
 Maria G
-We have been thrilled with the care and education our son is receiving at Kinder
Mundo. His teachers are very loving, nurturing and their commitment to education is unparalleled.
Elisha L
-Amazing Spanish Immersion school with, kind, caring, and excellent teachers. Highly recommend to everyone.
Tyler K
-Both of my kids have attended Kinder Mundo since they opened in 2009.  Having our kids in a Spanish immersion program was what we were looking for and it turned out to be a fantastic find!  Our youngest child was very shy and the teachers, Nazarena and Mariella, were caring and understanding.  This helped her blossom into a friendly and secure little girl.  Our oldest child loves nature and they provided him with the knowledge and tools to challenge him on this topic. Kinder Mundo has a supporting role to teach and maintain our kids Spanish through a fun and interactive curriculum.
M Graham
-Nazarena is an awesome teacher and a wonderful person. She is professional and at the same time very friendly. She gives attention to every kid and works personally with all kids. She takes every opportunity to help students and keep parents updated.
Mariella is also a marvelous and a very delightful person. She would always greet with a big smile on her face. Arvind loved spending quality time with her.
Even though Arvind has now graduated to Kindergarten I am sure he will cherish his pre-school memories for life.
Malti Sharma.
-The teachers! If I have to leave my baby in a day care, I won't think it twice. Kinder Mundo would be my option #1. The teachers take very good care of the kids, going the extra mile for them.
Alicia S.