Kinder Mundo - 20-12-13 SCHOOL WILL BE OPENING AT 11:00AM-AM
Because children respond very well to a structured setting, at Kinder Mundo we follow this schedule every day.

7:00am-9:00am AM extended care

9:00am Children arrive and may play freely with an activity of their choice until everyone arrives.
9:30am Guided activities which focus on fine motor skills such as puzzles, coloring, sorting, and lacing.
10:00am Snack Time
10:15am Buenos Dias! Circle time, a great opportunity for children to greet their peers in Spanish or share a toy or a story. We have wonderful storytellers! During this time children may sing along with a song from our huge collection of Spanish music. We have more than 100 songs, and our library of music is always growing.
10:30am Art Time: children get to express through art what we have learned in our recent curriculum.
11:00am Writing, math, and other activities based on our curriculum’s theme. We also practice letter recognition to prepare for reading activities during this time.
11:30am Outdoor time, children get to enjoy nature in our beautiful private yard surrounded by one acre of trees. We see occasional wildlife in the form of deer and a wide variety of birds. The woodpecker visits frequently, and children have fun silently listening for him. Children also do some gardening.
12:00pm Lunch time: We provide healthy, organic meals for our kids.  Every day we choose two helpers from the class to count in Spanish the number of students present and set up the lunch table.
12:45pm Adios circle: Full-day children will say “¡Adios!” to morning children. 
1:00pm Nap and quiet time begins. Some children will sleep while others may do quiet activities.
Half day children leave.
2:00pm Story time: Children choose a book to be read in English and Spanish. Then we will discuss the book together and learn new Spanish words from it.
2:15pm Free play
2:45pm Afternoon snack
3:00pm Full day children leave
3:00pm to 5:30 pm PM extended care